Texas Toast


Thanks to The Happy Homemaker.com for the picture

Did you know Texas Toast was invented by accident? Well, according to oakcliff.org, the thick, delicious toast was sliced bread gone awry.

Royce Hailey, now owner of the original Pig Stand, in 1941 while down in Beaumont, Texas, asked the Rainbow Bakery to slice the bread thicker for a more substantial toast. When the bread was delivered, it wouldn’t fit inside the toaster. The cook (whoever he was, God rest his soul) got the bright idea of buttering the slices on both sides and toasting it on the grill. Voilà! The result was tasty grilled toast, to which Hailey dubbed Texas Toast.

It’s still around today, but now Texas Toast taken on all types of recipes: French Toast Texas Style, Garlic Toast, Thick Sandwiches, you name it. The one thing’s that consistent … still just as tasty.

Until next time … may all your problems be sweet like cherries. Read a book.


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