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Mr. What’s-His-Name

In the world of mergers, buyouts, and takeovers, Tiffany Gates becomes
the targeted acquisition in a full-blown battle for love.

 I, Tiffany Anne Gates, am smart, strong, and resourceful, but when it comes to men, I’m at a loss. If  I’d known a fender-bender with Mr. Most-Eligible-Bachelor, aka, Matthew Thomas Ainsley the  Third, would put my heart in jeopardy and embroil me in an conspiracy, I would have stayed home.

Since I’ve met Mr. Fender-Binder, I’ve been fired, unwittingly hired, and then embroiled in a little payback with Mr. Exec. Of course, his method of get-even … me!

And now I face a dilemma.

I’ve had men vie for my attention, but never two at the same time. A little healthy competition isn’t all that bad as long as the game of one-up-man isn’t at the root of their pursuit. And now I don’t know whom to believe. One thing is perfectly clear … my heart is in danger of being broken.

How can I extricate myself from this game of for-keeps without getting hurt? Or do I want to?

Note from the Author:

For all you diehard romantic suspense lovers, don’t worry, I’m still writing romantic suspense. I have just added another line ~ romance with a twist of humor. This is my first in the series ~ Texas Serendipity. And yes, there is another one on its way.

The second in the series A Plus-One Christmas will be coming in late October, early November 2015, with the third in the series coming out in 2016 ~ Singletude  … Not to be confused with Solitude or Single and Desperately Looking. So if you want updates to my releases, please click on the sidebar.

I hope you enjoy reading Mr. What’s-His-Name as much as I had fun writing the book.

May your days be filled with laughter,

Janice Olson

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