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Buried lies and deceit create heartache and regret.

 Attorney Veronica “Roni” Reeves’ former guardian is killed. All evidence points to his son Drake Peters. Uncertain if her unrequited love for Drake is blinding her judgment, Roni sets aside her feelings to search for the truth. While Roni works to prove Drake’s innocence, she uncovers a twenty-year-old mystery surrounding her parents’ death and her deceased guardian’s involvement.

Fearing Drake’s arrest is imminent, Roni works to keep one step ahead of the law, but unwittingly becomes the killer’s next mark.


Note from the Author:

Chameleon is the third in the series Texas Sorority Sisters. As in Lethal Intent, I mention landmarks and building, some of which I use in the book that are actual places in Athens, Texas and Dallas. Athens, though a county seat is small in comparison with other county seats; however, the town is nestled in a beautiful part of Texas. I hope you enjoy Roni Reeves story.

And don’t forget to read: Serenity’s Deception, Book One; Lethal Intent, Book Two, and Run … You Can’t Hide, Book Four ~ Coming July 2015 ~ and ‘Tis the Season for Murder ~ coming in late October 2015 ~ in the series Texas Sorority Sisters. All of books are set in a real Texas towns except for Serenity’s Deception, which I had fun making up the town.

And if you like romance with a twist of Humor, check out my new series Texas Serendipity ~ Mr. What’s-His-Name, Book One,  A Plus-One Christmas, Book two coming in  fall 2015, and Singletude, Book Three coming in 2016.

Hold on and enjoy the ride,

Janice Olson

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