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Lethal Intent

The Texas Sorority Sisters Series ~ Book 2
Some people will go to any lengths to take back what they perceive as theirs.

Out of self-preservation, Madison swallows her pride and flees Austin to seek the aid of a man she has never met … her father.

When she arrives in Dallas she is greeted by her father’s attorney, Phillip Bradley, the same man who rescued her on the courthouse steps in Austin. Coincidence? Or her father’s manipulation? Though Madison can’t be certain, something about Phillip speaks of kinship to her heart.

Thrown into the role of Madison’s protector, Phillip finds it is a challenge to keep Madison safe, and his worst fear becomes a reality. Phillip’s best efforts to protect her prove fruitless as the killer gets closer to Madison.

Embroiled in a a fight for her life, Madison refuses to run. And when suspicion points to someone close, she’s not sure who to trust.


Note from the Author:

Lethal Intent is the second in the series of Texas Sorority Sisters. Several of the buildings I use in the book are actual places in Austin and Dallas. One in particular, though it was torn down many years ago, lent itself so well to the scenes,I had to use it in my book. I hope you will enjoy Madison’s plight and how things often aren’t what they seem.

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Sit back, relax, if you can, and enjoy the ride,

Janice Olson

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