Release ~  June 1, 2016

Airtight Case For Love

A feisty schoolteacher and a sarcastic police detective make a better case for disaster than love.

A good detective knows exactly what it takes to bait a suspect. Especially when they are so predictable. A few words from me, and Lori Morgan’s temper flares like a rocket. Her beautiful blue eyes snap and turn a stormy gray. If I didn’t have a 5-year plan that excluded love and marriage, I would keep the cute little teacher under constant surveillance.

I never trust a man with a wicked smile. Not even the ruggedly handsome Police Detective Seth Singleton. His sharp barbs and caustic words could drive a sane woman crazy. He ignites my temper quicker than lightning. If I were looking for a man, which I’m not, Seth would be the last … No, scratch that. I’d rather become an old maid than marry Seth Singleton.

Lori and Seth forage their way through a quagmire of double-edged witticisms until disaster strikes, stirring up feelings neither were aware existed.

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