Let It Snow, Let It …

Friday, February 27, 2015, I left work at 11:00 am. After a long arduous, nail-biting journey (a habit I’d kicked years ago) I finally made it home from work at 1:20 pm—two hours and twenty minutes later.  What an experience.

 You who live in snow country reading this will probably laugh and say  that’s nothing. We have snow all the time and don’t have a problem driving.

 Well, we do. Texans aren’t use to the white stuff that falls from heaven  onto our cluttered streets and highways that turns into a yucky, nasty gray/brown within minutes.

Texans don’t know how to drive in snow. And heaven forbid, if you get in their way. You’re liable to end up in the ditch as they drive by waving. Did I mention Texans are friendly?

I work in downtown Dallas and live 18 miles south of town, which should have been a 25-minute drive in good traffic. Well, not today. When the white stuff started falling from the sky, smart person that I am, thought, I’ll wait until the white stuff starts coating the streets and cars then make a run for it. WRONG!

I and 10 thousand other drivers had the same idea. We were parked four abreast in a long line on I-30 heading west in utter frustration. Most were probably creating a blue cloud inside their car. Thankfully, their kiddos weren’t along for the ride.

Most kids were still in school pulling the fire alarms so they could go outside and throw snowballs at each other, while the fire chief checked out the building before giving the ALL CLEAR, false alarm. You can go back inside (Oh, really? Do we have to?)


Small park in my neighborhood

 Today I drove from downtown Dallas through car-city-gridlock, bumper-to-bumper, stop-start-sit, get out of my way, you Bozo, you don’t know how to drive, traffic until I finally made it home. All major freeways were at a standstill. All major arteries were creeping at a steady pace of one to two miles an hour.  And why?

 The beautiful, fluffy stuff called snow. Lovely to look at  but horrible to drive in, at least for Texans.

 You gatta love snow days. I do, if I’m home and don’t have to go anywhere. But I didn’t enjoy my commute home today. Maybe next week, we’ll have rain, that’s another kind of gridlock you don’t want to experience.


My husband never moved his truck from our driveway.

 Enjoy your day, wherever you are, and I hope you can find  sunshine on a cloudy day.


Janice Olson

His words, His song, His story

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