Me & Trinity 5

This is what the Trinity River by downtown Dallas, Texas looked like three days ago. 
Today it was a whole lot higher but the crowds taking picture were too great to get out and take a pic today. 

Compare this pic below with the above pic ~ same place ~ taken a month and a half earlier.

Trinity River Normal

If you look closely at the bottom almost middle you will see the same stop sign in both.

Here’s a pic of the Margaret Hunt Bridge over the Trinity River that I mention several time in my books taken the same time of the pic above.

Dry ~

MHunt Brdg Trinity

And though it isn’t too great a pic, here it is today from our car window. Again, the crowds to see the swollen river was huge.

MHBrdg Flood 2015 1

Thankfully, they predict 7 days of no rain. We are all praying their prediction holds.

May all your days be filled sunshine and from time to time rain to water your soul.



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